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From The Washington Post Capital Weather Gang:

Weather Channel Brings Back Dave Schwartz, My Friend


Statement from Dave Clark,
President of The Weather Channel:

"Fans of The Weather Channel have spoken and told us that Dave Schwartz made the weather fun for them while teaching them about the science of weather. 
Dave's enthusiasm truly embodies our belief that It's Amazing Out There, and everyone here is happy to have him back and we know our viewers will feel the same."

TWC president Dave Clark on Twitter:  @DaveClark

The Weather Channel on Twitter:  @WeatherChannel


Like most of you who have found your way to this website, we are long-time viewers of The Weather Channel who were stunned, saddened, and even angered to learn that weathercaster Dave Schwartz was let go from that network in November of 2008, soon after TWC had come under the auspices of NBC-Universal./p>

Presumably, TWC's new ownership believed that radically changing the network, including reworking its on-camera lineup, would translate into an increase in audience size and encourage changes in viewing habits that would lead to greater profit for NBC-Universal.  But we believe the decision to eliminate the irreplaceable  Dave Schwartz was a mistake, and that NBC-Universal failed to fully appreciate the loyal and affectionate following he had built throughout his 17 years on the air at TWC.

Dave made an invaluable connection with so many viewers, owed to the credibility he brought to TWC by virtue of his comprehensive knowledge of all things meteorological, his enthusiasm for informing his audience, and his friendly, genuine, at times quirky - but always entertaining - style.  Though arguably not "mainstream" as weathercasters go, Dave Schwartz not only managed to appeal to hardcore weather geek and ordinary vacation planner alike, but also become must-watch TV for legions of TWC viewers. 

Sure - back in the day, our grandmothers enjoyed watching their favorite weathercasters on the local news for a few minutes each night.  But in an era in which there are hundreds of stations from which viewers may choose, Dave Schwartz on TWC became "appointment TV" for everyone from college students and night owls who wanted something more interesting and entertaining than the usual late night fare (who often tuned in for an hour or two at a time) - to people who simply were looking for a reliable, accessible and informative weather segment, brought to them by someone who cared about it.

So we produced this site to serve as a resource for all of you who would like to let The Weather Channel know how you feel, and to encourage the powers that be at the network to put Dave Schwartz back on the air for all of us to enjoy again.  We believe it would be a win-win for everyone involved:  TWC, its audience, Dave, and, if we may be so grandiose, even the weather.

Here you will find contact information for The Weather Channel as well as links to YouTube videos and interviews featuring "our friend" Dave, blogs and articles discussing TWC's decision, Dave Schwartz Facebook groups, and more.

We encourage each of you to do whatever you can to help bring Dave back to The Weather Channel.  It's worth the effort:  You know how much you've enjoyed his weathercasts, and you know how rare it is to find something uniquely entertaining that can reliably inform you in ways that are important in your daily life, as well as educate, consistently amuse and even occasionally bewilder.



Contact The Weather Channel and NBC Universal
(We recommend writing to all of these contacts!)

The Weather Channel
Feedback Form)

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David Blumenthal
TWC Director of Public Relations

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Geoffrey Darby

 TWC Executive VP, Programming

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NBC Universal
(Feedback Form)

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Jeff Zucker
President and CEO
NBC Universal Television Group


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Jeff Gaspin
Chairman, NBC Universal Television

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Dave Schwartz has said he plans to
remain in Atlanta. While we'd like to see
him return to TWC, contact CNN to

suggest it bring Dave on board. Dave
on CNN is better than no Dave at all!

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