Pregnant at the Prom: My story


I never planned to get pregnant at the ripe old age of 17, but apparently someone had other plans for me and it was happening to me. And so there I was at my senior prom with what could’ve been a basketball tucked underneath my dress thanks to the bundle of joy inside of my tummy. I didn’t mind, nor did anyone else at the prom for that matter. I found some great maternity wedding dresses at  and they absolutely flattered my already glowing skin.

The maternity dress fit perfectly and wasn’t too snug around my stomach, and that was something that I was a bit worried about. Instead, it has elastic in the stomach area that was perfectly placed so I looked amazing.  The dress was able to hold my growing bosom easily and it didn’t make me feel weighed down or all tucked into the dress. That was a nice feeling!

There were several different maternity dresses available and I was beyond pleased with the selection. When I began looking at the choices I felt that I was going to be stuck with the one or two they offered and would hate the night. Luckily that didn’t happen and I was able to find a charmingly beautiful dress. This day was so important to me and I wanted to look perfect, but being pregnant -and very pregnant- worried me so much.

I chose an A-line spaghetti strap dress for my prom. It was made of chiffon and was so very comfortable. The dress featured pleats throughout so no one could notice my belly, not that I would have minded had they noticed. I was very proud of my little baby! My only complaint with the dress was the back zipper, but thanks to great friends, that wasn’t a problem.

My prom night was a true success thanks to the beautiful maternity wedding dresses available. It was a lot of fun sorting through the different dresses. And I must admit that making my choice wasn’t easy either because all of the styles they had were so very awesome. While it might not be the ideal lifestyle that most people want or plan for, it is happening these days and I am proof of that. Might as well accommodate all of us that need great dresses who lived life a bit differently than what most expected.