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Dave Schwartz joined The Weather Channel in 1984.  Prior to pursuing a career in weathercasting, he worked in the mental health field for twelve years.  He is a Philadelphia native and graduated from Temple University.

Dave has said as a newcomer to the meteorological field, he was advised to gain experience elsewhere before attempting to join The Weather Channel.  But, as a self-described weather geek whose passion for meteorology was first inspired by the movie, "The Wizard of Oz," TWC is where he said he knew he "had to be."

In response to initial advice to move to a small market and hone his skills there, Dave shifted his strategy to "begging," and was offered his first job with TWC working behind the scenes part-time.

Dave eventually became part of TWC's On-Camera Apprentice Program, in which apprentices were paired with veteran weathercasters during a 2-3 AM timeslot on Saturdays.  Six months later, he was given his first regular on-air gig.  With his uniquely humorous and friendly brand of delivery, Dave became one of the network's most popular personalities over his 17 years on the air.

Following TWC's acquisition by NBC-Universal, restructuring took place that included firing long-time weathercasters, including Dave Schwartz.  The move was met with universal disapproval and derision by legions of Americans who had enjoyed Dave's weathercasts for so many years.  "Mind-boggling," "boneheaded," "disgraceful," "offensive," "clueless," were among viewers' printable criticisms of the NBC-Universal decision.

After leaving TWC in November of 2008, Dave appeared as the weekend weathercaster at CBS in Atlanta.